Guiomar Oliveira 

Born in Lisbon (1985), she received a M.Arch from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical U. Lisbon in 2009. Between 2009 and 2011, Guiomar worked in a well known architecture office in Lisbon. While simoultaneously she started to devellop her work as an artist. The most relevant work produced during this period are the two paintings "Civilização*, which integrated the Rotary Foundation Bienal at Coimbra in 2011. These two paintings got an honorable mention and constitute the only paintings that the artist has ever exhibited. 

Guiomar moved to Oslo in 2011, where she currently lives and works as an architect and as an artist.

In 2012 she presented 32 drawings at her first solo exhibition entiteled "drawing on Men´s Idiossyncrasies*, in Oslo.

In 2013 Guiomar donated 3 drawings that were selected to be part of the auction Drawing Hope, which took place at Carpe Diem gallery in Lisbon, for the project Adobe for Women.